El Tango Milonga

El Tango Milonga - no longer running as of January 2017

El Tango Milonga was hosted by tango teacher Carl Robson.  A weekly milonga held every Sunday night with r traditional Argentine Tango tandas with all the favourite classics 


The milonga was regularly run in the private upstairs room at The Citizens Club on the corner of Cameron Road and 13th Avenue in Tauranga.  

Interesting fact - Carl was one of the first salon tango teachers in Auckland.  He loves tango danced in cafes in front of the public and originally started the Wednesday Cafe Milonga in 2000, which is now at Limon on Princes Wharf in Auckland.

New Milonga Organisers

If there is anyone out there starting a new regular Milonga in Tauranga please contact this page if you would like the details published